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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Name Calling. . . ENOUGH!!!!

Our times are amazing. . .  I finally gave up on posting anything new on mothering and mother's day 24 hours before the international event. . . . Rather than being uplifting, the media references were just too depressing.

And so what's new since Mother's Day?

Well. . .  An article which is truly an eye-opener. . . But first, a bit of background to set the tone :

We award our children for being present rather than for actually achieving. We reprimand teachers for being too tough on our poor little dears. We teach our children to find themselves “beautiful” - just because they exist. But we don’t ask them to participate or share or be generous or kind or give out effort or challenge them or ask anything of them. . . They’re children after all. . .  A much too large minority in North America find  beauty contests for 2 and 3 and 4 year old made-up dolls and kiddy thongs ( for 6 to 8 year olds) acceptable. All of this considered “cute”.

We not only allow our children to be entitled we encourage them to get credit for not having achieved anything. They can’t read or count well enough (without technical assistance) to hold down a job. We either hover over them like paranoid grannies or give them so much freedom from responsibility they crash and burn at their first encounter with reality.  We sneer at losers on tv and fail to comprehend the connection of that type of entertainment with the immensity of bullying - both in schools and on the internet. Our children eat badly and too much and they now face heart problems and diabetes and other related illnesses in their teens because of increasing obesity - but that doesn’t seem to bother us. We fear the horrors of the internet but allow our kids to have computers in their “private” room.

And so what is the incredible first full page news of the day?. . . Humans Urged To Stop The Name-Calling (Adrian Humphries) National Post 10-05-11

Now that sounds reasonable enough. .   Even progressive. . .  Name calling is an aspect of bullying isn’t it? But wait. . .

This first full page article in a National newspaper. . . is about stopping each other from “verbally abusing animals. . . not each other, not our children - animals. We must stop using phrases such as “drunk as a skunk”. . .  Because that is insulting to animals (Even animal is perceived as a derogatory word by the Journal of animal ethics. . .  Rather we should use the term : non-human animals. . . To read this article is to enter into a vortex of mindless perspectives. And yet this "journal" is called an "academic" journal. . .  Un-Hunh. . .

We should pay so much attention to the hearts and minds of our children. . . (Sigh).

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