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Monday, February 18, 2013

Television violence and kids

Television is no more dangerous than the internet which is more dangerous than television. Content and submission to it are key. And neither of these have power without children getting the nod from on high. Violence on television and in video games is used to entice a buying audience. No audience, no violence. Private enterprise reacts to acceptance and rejection. That’s how they make money. If our children are not tuned in, the corporate game will change.

If our children are outside playing, running and cycling, private enterprise will get into that until they ruin that too. That’s the name of the corporate game. Even "nothing" is awesome to kids if nothing is titillating.

The day parents and so-called specialists “get” that, they will recognize that the responsibility is theirs. The day parents take back their parenting role and stop seeing themselves as simply “providers” kids will be given a new lease on living rather than vegetating. Once parents take back that sense of equilibrium in the family, kids will get tuned out of violence and the concomitant gradual dumbing and numbing down of their brains and consciences.

This whole television and video game violence "thing" is a no-brainer. . .  We only have ourselves to blame when it comes to children being groomed for lethargy, passive aggressiveness, violence and depression.

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