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Friday, January 28, 2011

The dumbing down of our educational structures and systems.

Trading On Up - Jennifer Daigle - Globe and Mail - Jan 28, 2011.
The destruction of trade schools in the late 60s and early 70s is coming back to haunt us. This stupid "educational approach by the powers that be" hit us mid century. Only university was considered a valid educational forum. Trades were considered as "low class and less than". And so boys and girls, sadly or happily, ready or not ready (or never would be ready) headed to University. And the end result is that should have been expected. We have many trained young people, either lost or incapable of finding enthusiasm for anything who feel entitled because they are "papered". Competence, interest, talent does not come into play. University trumps trade schools all the way. And so, now, we have tradesman and women who are richer and happier because they are doing what they love to do and the society which snootily looks down on their tradesman papers, willingly pays the premium for their rarity.
So many BAs and other "high end" diplomas and so little creativity and progress. . .

Oddly, I hear a lot more "thank god it's Friday" from dilploma'd bureaucrats and desk jockeys than I do from my plumber or electrician (both of whom spend regular - meaning more than once a year - holidays at
"a charming little villa" down south. . . So who's happier?

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