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Monday, January 31, 2011

Victims R Us. . . So what's new?

 Parental Bliss Isn't A Myth. It Just Takes Time To Find It - Sarah Hampson - Globe and Mail - Jan 31, 2011

Love this article! : Author proposes that "Parental unhappiness is all the fashion now. . . " - ". . . The child may have become the center of parenting for boomers, but now the focus has shifted to the unhappy mommy. . . " -   "life is not all about you and your next manicure appointment." - "We expect (happiness) to flood every part of our lives all the time, at a high level. We feel entitled to it. " - "A contented mother (I would say contented parents - together or not) has the most positive impact on her children." - This wise author goes on to say that children are a reprieve from the adolescent practice of searching for ourselves. . . . (Time somebody said that.) Then she adds: (God bless her) that what counts is not karate lessons (over and above a myriad of other parental obsessions) or expensive schools but rather little daily constants - love, comfort, understanding, discipline and levity. . .Wow! I haven't felt this encouraged about parenting for a long time!

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