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Monday, January 31, 2011

Get Involved! Back off! Get Involved! Back Off.

Back Off Caregiving Dad - That's My Job, (Traditional roles better for parents, study says. . .) 
Here we go again - another study based on the evaluation (by whom?) of 112 families. . . . . (real families : i.e.:   you know. . .  middle class.) (And by the way this number of North American dream units represent .000029% of the population. . . ) And the findings should for all intents and purposes be considered valid and applied to the rest of us??? Other than pĥarmaceutical firms, who pays for these student level, never-ending studies which advise us that this, that and the other thing "may" just be affecting us all?. Traditionalists must be having a field day: "Findings" like this can only  keep those unstable men away from the young'uns and keep the wives busy in the kitchen with the rug rats. Maybe, that way they'll stay out of trouble. (Who? the kids or Mom?) 

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