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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Illusions can be more easily associated with fact when presented as results of a study

Online Life Helps Kids Build Their Social Skills - Shannon Proudfoot - Ottawa Citizen - Jan 29, 2011
True. . . Online socializing does create a form of "social skills" - for those who have none. Children and adolescents who routinely socialize in the "real world" will always have more skill in the area of give and take than someone who hides behind the anonymity of a screen. Translating communication online to communication in reality is NOT a slam dunk. Self-esteem proponents and their "studies" fail to compare the quality of one with the quality of the other. Online communication may eliminate the hermit factor in the lives of those who fear or are too wary of direct communication to profit from the latter. But direct eye to eye communication from an early age is the only criteria which can assure communication rather than simply messaging. "A heavy dose of lowest common denominator stimulation does not constitute a more informed mind, substantive thought or a more caring viewpoint. Virtual communication cannot be associated or compared with "communication".

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