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Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally, some positive feedback from the press

Take The Rocky Road - (Mark Fenske) The Globe and Mail.
Finally, an article of encouragement in the press. It seems that technology is taking over, making our lives "quick" and "easy". . . .  (Sounds like familiar information. . . as from that latest book entitled : Beyond Discouragement- - Creativity. . . )
It seems we have unwittingly relinquished the control over our lives and capacities to technical wizardry. In so doing. . .  we now fail to use part of our brain which in essence give us the freedom to "be" something other than a "being" - that part which allows us to create and succeed despite the odds. . . Cognitive control is being lost. And in the words of the author : ". . . some ask whether the technology designed to increase our performance and productivity is instead MAKING US STUPID. . . " Something to think about.

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