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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slow on the uptake

Sorry about not being around. Still creating atwork for Bermuda exhibition.Nonetheless, the world keeps on rolling. So here's a quick update on recent media commentary which relates to Beyond Discouragement - Creativity's content:

Drugs good and bad :

Common Pain Killers Make Antidepressants Less Effective - (André Picard) Globe and Mail - April 26, 2011
It seems that combinations of drugs have always been part and parcel of contemporary treatment and now we "discover" that over and above the incredible list of side-effects most of these drugs have on our systems - they work against each other - which means they work against our bodies and minds. But then again - as I have been stating, the research always says : there can be, may be, might be could be side-effects and interactions but nothing is ever concrete. Is this part of a "keep them fearful (ignorant)" campaign? Wouldn't it be nice to have scientists offer us solid information - without the maybes and "not sures"? 

COPS - Spending On Police Has Jumped 41 Per Cent Across Canada In A Decade - What Price For Law and Order? (Adrian Morrow) Globe and Mail - January 8, 2011
 (Adrian Morrow) Globe and Mail - 
So what's next? Altering the definitions of crime to justify the increases and fear mongering?

Study Links Obesity, Economic Insecurity - (Kate Kelland) -  Globe and Mail - January 8, 2011
So what's new. Both obesity and insecurity are discussed in Beyond Discouragement - Creativity. Once again the content is simply being validated. 

Dr. Brinkley's Stem Cell Lotion And Magic Elixir -  Carolyn Abraham) Globe and Mail - January 8, 2011
It seems that scientific research is repeatedly jumping onto a common contemporary bandwagon which has been discussed in Beyond Discouragement - Creativity : the lowest common denominator factor : as stated above: research findings which have no firm ground upon which to stand -  dictate treatment modalities - despite no concrete evidence to back their "possibility" claims.

Self-Esteem Is Falling Out Of Favour. Is The Replacement Just As Bad? National Post - April 2, 2011
Definitely one of my bug-bears. . .  Though this article shows a fearsome side to altering our perceptions re the self-esteem issue, it nonetheless points out that this UBER-ME generation is out of whack and basic common sense when it comes to looking at yourself.  When little girls look at their mirrored image and ecstatically proclaim themselves beautiful for no other reason than that they exist, we
need to re-read (as I did ) the chapter on self-esteem in Beyond Discouragement - Creativity. Narcissism is more like what we have today - not a simple "me" infatuation.

High Opioid Dose Risks Death - (Carly Weeks) - Globe and Mail - April 12, 2011
Prescriptions - i.e.: what the doctor orders. . .  are killing not healing us. Misuse of medication., over-prescriptions. . .  Only one little element in the mile high pile of contradictions and incredible blunders by our medical professions now become "medicators" rather than physicians.We're reaching a time when we will not be dying of illness but rather dying from treatment.

Tough Love Yourself - (Sarah Boesveld) National Post - April 2, 2011 Once again a topic from Beyond Discouragement - Creativity. . .   This article treats the topic of praise versus encouragement - rightly highlights the dangers of such practices which motivate narcissistic tendencies which persist throughout a child and adolescent and adult life. The 70s were the beginning of many new things - this praise epidemic was one of the plagues which now have serious consequences. 

Who's Your Role Model? Probably Your Mother - (Misty Harris) Ottawa Citizen - 15-04-11
Isn't it amazing how "scientific bodies" seem to need to study the obvious - and then expect us to respect the "superlative knowledge"  upon which their erudite thinking is based?  Good or bad, pro or con. . .  The facts have been borne out for millenia. . .  Mother's have enormous influence over their children! It doesn't take a doctoral thesis to prove that . Maybe what needs studying is whether parents are doing a good job of parenting and why.. . Are we actually parenting or are we simply : "providers" as discussed in Beyond Discouragement - Creativity?

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