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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nothing like being vindicated by the best. . .

Chomsky Talks Fear in Western Society - (Robert Riley) Ottawa Citizen - 09-04-11

Noam Chomsky. . .  professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, widely acknowledged as the most famous and most cited public intellectual in the world said to students of Carleton University in Ottawa on April 8th, 2011: 

Students, like many other groups in contemporary society, are being indoctrinated with notions of privatization, efficiency and distorted ideas about capitalism to keep them passive and obedient so rich people who run the corporate world can become more wealthy. . . Such a system, Chomsky states, fosters fear and insecurity among people who, burdened by debt, anxious for their jobs or stuck in low paying jobs  are afraid to question or challenge the system. . .

I knew that when I wrote my book I was not wrong. . . But to hear these words from the greatest mind of our times is definitely MOST reassuring.

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