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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Media Reference Updates.

A few more media references highlighting Beyond Discouragement - Creativity content:

A Road Map For Harnessing Creativity - (Harvey Schachter) The Globe and Mail - 30-03-11. Ideas are fine but without structure and discipline - Nada. . .

Graffiti May Be Art, But Taste Is Individual - (Linda Mathies and Patricia McCarthy) - Letters to the editor, Ottawa Citizen. It seems that graffiti - as in : "I am imposing my perception of beauty and artwork on you whether you like it or not" is a mater of "personal taste????? Wow. I'd love to hear the comments emanating from the brilliant minds of this world (those who consider imposition an entitlement) when the graffiti artists decide to desecrate their private property. . . 

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