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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grief Is A Certifiable Mental Disorder

Sometimes Life Is Just Really Sad - (Barbara Kay) National Post - 27-04-11

This powerful article refers to the excessive use of pharmaceuticals and the upcoming DSM-5 - (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) - the bible of psychiatrists - which in 2013 will be determining "grief" as a certifiable MENTAL DISORDER. . . i.e.: it will be a treatable (read: medicatable) illness in the future. (I guess we're all safe from being committed until it is published. . . . . .)

So, as Barbara Kay states: If after 2 weeks you are still grieving. . .  the DSM-5 will consider you to be suffering from a mental disorder. Kay's article highlights the pharmaceutical and treatment professions' dehumanization and infantilization and victimization of humanity. Reading it is a MUST.

(Vindicated again!!!!!)  Beyond Discouragement - Creativity brought all of this up when it was published.

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  1. Interesting "Grief" would now be considered as a mental disorder. I will look into this much further as i have the time. Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel