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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Censorship - the weapon of choice of those who would have us all submissive.

Teach A King To Speak, Then Take Away His Swear Words? -  Rush Says No Way - The Hollywood Reporter - Feb 01, 2011.
God forbid that our children would discover that swear words exist. . .  To make the film "A King's Speech" acceptable to PG 13 audiences, this exceptional movie of extraordinary import will be cut. . .  i.e.: the swear words expurgated  so that sweet little ears (who's owners swear much more than we want to accept they do) will not turn red. Geoffrey Rush, the co-star, states that by cutting this scene from the film the movie will be negatively affected. This reminds me of the self-righteous lot who are demanding that books such as Huckleberry Finn be "cleansed" (read : censored). I say more: This type of censorship is worthy of the worst undemocratic societies of this world. And yet, it reminds me of the repetitive and silly announcements made on tv every day and that we allow to fester in our minds - as if they are normal discourse. These announcements, there to "protect" the morals of we victim oriented people dictate the following :  "This program has scenes and language which may not be suitable for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised."  (More often than not, the tv programs so described are cooking shows or Love It Or List type programming. . . )

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