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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Creativity is a must if we are to be invited at the main table of the future.

Innovate Or Perish - Canada Ignores A Science And Technology Agenda At Its Peril - Kevin Lynch - National Post - Feb 8, 2011
History tells us that "once on top is not necessarily always on top". . .  North America has to wake up to the fact that younger, emerging nations are in the forefront of innovation. If we don't balance commerce with research and development we will not remain the top dogs in any realm relevant to health, prosperity and well being.Creativity, pure science and forward thinking innovation must be encouraged in our children. Without it we will begin our decline.


  1. I think Canada has to develop a cultural pattern for inspiring young and old to invent and create. The uncertain future as a basic drive to depression is well-known kills creativity and invention among young and old. We have to re-evaluate the concept of work, the concept of education in the schools. Schools should work together with families tighter and simply stop terrorize children with qualification. To end all competition, so there will be no aggressive or frustrated individuals. Society has to be restructured from the very core. It is starting with education and family! Good parents and good teachers! …and first of all no corruption, no punishment and with a little bit of more wealth and opportunities people would love each other more and community would flourish, where the only interest is the common well-being and no isolated groups trying to hold their positions clogging the bloodstream of a society. A Healthy Society should work as a human body, where every cell is functioning to serve the sacred hierarchy of life!

  2. Technology meant to free people from hard labour. Instead, it is serving profit and creating unemployment. Profit never cared about the working 'masses' and pushing families into the 'no future' image, it is a careless suicide! Unfortunately the Godfathers are still deciding about the lives of millions of people with one move. Until Family has no chance to be healthy, Society will have the same destiny. Till the monetary system dictates Humanity, real human values will be diminished. If Canada can not realize independence from the blackmailing superpowers, it will decline socially, morally and consequently economically. The system who governs this country is not transparent, therefore it is not honest and unable to provide real ethic to its families!

  3. Wholly agree with you comments regarding encouragement of creativity.This is one thing which seems to be lacking in our social structure. But to take away competition. . . to take away striving to be the best we can be? That's a difficult one to swallow. Children need to know that the world is open to them but to say that it is an easy ride with no challenges is duping them into discouragement.