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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fear mongering keeps children locked up in their bedrooms (and hopefully helmeted) lest bed sores and banging their heads against the walls give them a concussion.

Study Details Dangers Of The Beautiful Game - Tom Blackwell - National Post - Feb 04, 2011
Well, it had to come. . .  Everything that our children do is dangerous. Now, it's soccer. Before that it was baseball, football, hockey, tennis, skip-roping and hopscotch. Now, it's simply soccer's turn to be castigated.  It seems that the only place a child can be acceptably alive is in his/her room, listening to their ipod while wandering the virtual world on their computer and visiting with imaginary (virtual) friends. Another caution. Don't forget to lock their door lest some stranger enter your house, go upstairs and snatch this fireball of lethargy from their  protected from life cocoon.
Would the specialists who conducted this scientific survey of : (maybe they will be injured) please advise any and all parents of the "factual" basis upon which the decision to consider helmeting children during soccer is based?Or is their (in small print) a notice that nothing can be revealed which may affect the bottom-line of manufacturers of the new parent-approved "soccer helmets"?

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