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Monday, February 7, 2011

Research claims conclude MAYBE. . . again.

Starting babies on solid foods early linked to obesity - CTV Calgary - Feb 07-2011

Formula-fed babies who start eating solid foods before they are four months old may be more likely to become obese. . . We are not told they will be  - just maybe. So, why is a scientific research announcement being made when there is nothing for sure to announce? 

Well, none other than the American Academy of Pediatrics seems to consider these findings ready for public consumption.

It really is quite odd. . . Research studies, with announcements to make, seem to be a dime a dozen. Each seems to want more of our "approval"  than it considers it important for its "findings" be proved fact.

Regardless, would we not feel more secure if scientists focused on those areas which actually do create an environment for obesity? : eating snack and or fast foods we respect more than the 4 food groups? spending so much time on a couch, on a classroom seat or at an office desk that physical activity is more foreign than a long lost cousin we haven't seen since our day one? These I contend are more obesity causing than eating milked up cheerios at 5 months old. But then, encouraging us to not eat so much and not sit so much doesn't sell "health products", does it.

Let's face it, a child who sits all day in school and then does the same at home in front of a tv, a computer monitor or a game-boy - doing nothing else for hours on end is more likely to become obese; if not suffer from the beginnings of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. And so, before submitting to studies whose conclusions are more maybes than fact, we should ask ourselves a few questions : Expl.: Who paid for this study? Is the science pure i.e.: is it unbiased and scientific rather than commercial in focus? Are studies open with their information and are facts actual provable statements rather than assumption based? In this day and age, grant sources are also important to know about since they can and do determine  in which direction scientific research MAY go. All in all, the final "for sures" should be much more important than the way too many maybes presented to us by 24 hour a day, in need of "breaking news" networks.

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