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Friday, February 4, 2011

Kids of Working Moms Are Far Likelier To Be Obese

Kids of Working Moms Are Far Likelier To Be Obese - Sharon Kirkey - Ottawa Citizen - Feb 04, 2011
As interesting as the last study done on obesity (and mentioned in the previous posting, this study is less about truth than about maybes (the usual fault of many contemporary studies). When I listened to the researcher being interviewed on television this morning, it was obvious that she was very uncomfortable. She spent the whole interview defending the babbling nature of her "findings and excusing the fact that the findings were more maybes than realities and that just MAYBE, the findings had really not much to do with the fact that mothers were working outside the home.
Yes, maybe the researchers should study the level of healthy cooking, discipline and mentoring habits going on in all homes - not just those of "working mothers".

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