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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Political correctness gone wild is shaping more than our minds. . .

Bullied Boy's Retort Earns Him Racism Reprimand - PC Stories From The UK - National Post, Feb 16, 2011.

Interesting times we live in. . . First of all, I would like to correct the editor of the byline of this story. 10 year olds calling each other names does not constitute bullying anymore than a light spanking can be considered beating a child. But then, who says our era has anything to do with common sense?

Nonetheless, while in one country, a 12 year old creates a sensation by organizing a charity fashion event - with professional designers taking part, a 15 year old boy is told by school authorities he cannot wait outside for his father to pick him up. He must stay in the dining hall - protected. I wonder if they asked his father for ID before letting the 15 year old leave with him? . . Add to this Kookie day the news that a 10 year old in the UK is accused of racism by teachers and school authorities for using the word "brownie" to tease another who's last name is Brown - after he was called "sausage boy" because his last name is Weiner.  (Brownie, other than being a cake sold in many stores and served at home to kids yelling "yummy". . . ) seems to be a racist term in the imagination of the powers that be. . .  especially when uttered by one of 2 teasing 10 year olds. . .

And it is in such "educational environments" and in the hands of so-called "professionals" (who have spent years in university to be "learned") that we hand over our children - every day, for hours on end. And we expect that our children in such a politically correct envrironment will come out learned and trained and capable of facing life with astute awareness of what is sane and sage and worthy of their best judgment. . . 

And what do children really think of such environments in which their parents entrust them? I wonder.

Insanity is not inbred in societies. It arises when we hand over the care and training of our children to those who ignore facts, have no concept of what is sanity, good judgment or common sense and, at worst, are incapable of transmitting these qualities to the children for which they have been given responsibility.

I am so mixed up today that I think I need to run to my corner store - to buy me a dozen brownies - to make my little heart feel better. And don't worry. . .  I'll wait for the bus inside the mall. . . (You didn't expect that I would feel safe waiting outside or actually walking to the corner store by myself did you?) Sheesh. Get with the program. PLEASE!

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